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A Mixture of Solutions

Here at Elbevet we offer a comprehensive high-quality product range.
Our high-performance products comprise customer-specific mixtures, speciality feeds,
feed additives and liquids for modern animal nutrition. Elbevet has continuously been forward-looking,
we take two-steps ahead to supply customers with leading quality assured products.
Our global wide-ranging expertise and rigorous quality management always makes Elbevet a reliable,
trusted partner for customers all over the world.

Portfolio of solutions for broilers, laying hens, breeders,and other avain species

Portfolio of solutions for Ruminants to achieve outstanding meat and milk production

Customised high-quality premixtures to individual specifications

Premixtures and specialised products for small and large animals

Why Us?

We aim to generate distinctive paths to enhance livestock health, growth and quality through innovative science-based solutions. Via understanding our customers’ needs and expectations, we at ELBEVET  pioneer tailored cutting-edge paths to improve feed and animal performance adding financial value.