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About Us

Who are we?

The name ELBEVET is derived from the Elbe river, one of the major rivers in Germany. The Elbe river runs into the North Sea connecting it to the world; this is what Elbevet aspires, we share our expertise and highly innovative products internationally.
Elbevet’s international expertise is heavily reflected in the company’s wide range of high-quality products, of which our customers worldwide are witnesses for.

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What do we do?

We are an expert, reliable, transparent and flexible partner for your needs
regarding feed stuffs, supplements, minerals and vitamins.
We provide our clients worldwide with the most innovative MIXTURE OF SOLUTIONS
based on their requirements.The wide range of high-quality products meet the needs
of modern, environmentally friendly, economically viable animal nutrition.
We offer products in both powder form and as liquids for a variety of species:

Why Us ?

Our main aim is to understand the core of animal nutrition to help our customers

  • Attain excellent animal performance
  • Achieve a great return on investment
  • Enhance profitability in the modern livestock production system.

Elbevet’s Mission

We aim to generate distinctive paths to enhance livestock health, growth and quality through innovative science-based solutions. Via understanding our customers’ needs and expectations, we at ELBEVET pioneer tailored cutting-edge paths to improve feed and animal performance adding financial value.

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