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The Multifunctional Essential Oil Mix

Bronchofin is a synergistic mixture of essential oils acting appetizing and functioning as a flavour. With its active components Bronchofin turned out to be very effective in practical applications. The synergistic mixture of different essential oils enhances feed intake and has a positive effect on the animal’s vitality. Once applied we tend to hear the following sentence from farmers quite often ‘The animals have a ‘fresh’ appearance’. The essential oils in Bronchofin such as peppermint and eucalyptus have a positive influence on the bronchial tubes and improve the odour in the stable.

Advantages in a nutshell

Respiratory system:

  • Improves air quality in poultry houses (cooling, refreshing)
  • Less inflammation in the airways and relaxes smooth muscles
  • Bronchi disinfection preventing respiratory infections


Digestion activity:

  • Production of digestive enzymes
  • Microflora intestinal stabilisation
  • Anti-microbial effect causes drier litter


Feed Intake:

  • Stimulation of appetite and feed intake
  • Higher end weight of broilers
  • FCR substantially improved