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Elbe Lacto Acidophilus

The Powerful Probiotic

The Balance of intestinal microflora plays an important role for the gut health. Lactobacillus Acidophilus produces lactic acid, which optimizes the conditions for the production of beneficial bacteria flora. At the same time the colonization of potential pathogenic germs in the intestine is reduced. Elbevet’s Lactobacillus Acidophilus was originally obtained from the crop of poultry and is perfectly attuned to its function due to its host´s specificity.


With Elbe Lacto Acidophilus you support the development and stabilization of the intestinal microflora of laying hens – especially in stressful situations such as placement or change of housing. The probiotic you can use for the regeneration of the bacterial flora after medication as well as with egg taint problems due to degenerated bacterial flora or problems with E. coli, Coccidia and Clostridia. Farmers confirm positive experience with LA in the stabilization of their layer flocks.

How should Elbe Lacto Acidophilus be used?

  • The earlier the better! From chick to laying hen: for successful rearing of pullets
  • In floor-, free range- and organic production: From start to peak of laying over a period of minimum 6 weeks
  • For support after moulting