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Synergistic probiotic for broilers- from the first day of life up to the end

The balance of the intestinal microflora plays an important role for gut health. In ElbeClost we combine the positive effects of two different probiotics, namely that of a lactic acid bacteria and of a bacillus spore. Through this combination, we increase the stability of intestinal health in the whole digestive tract:

The Enterococcus faecium is more active in the upper tract where as the Bacillus spores act more in the lower digestive tract, because it must first germinate and become active in the posterior intestine.

How does it work?

  • Lactic acid bacteria: Produce lactic acid and releases antimicrobial substances in the intestine
  • Bacillus Spores: production of surfactins active against clostridia and production of bifidogenic molecules

All described modes of action lead to a deterioration of environmental conditions for pathogens (harmful bacteria) and thus to a competitive exclusion of these pathogens and promote the condition for the positive micflora (Bifidobacteria and Lactobacillii).

How should ELBEClost be used?

Whenever there is a need for establishment or re-establishment of the beneficial bacteria:

  • The earlier the better! Directly after hatch in order to establish a positive gut flora
  • After a therapeutic treatment in order to re-establishment the gut flora
  • In cases of slightly changes in droppings and litter quality

In all kind of stressful situations as feed changes, heat stress and thinning