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To Achieve Ruminal Degradation Perfection

ELBEMax is our new foodstuff supplementary for dairy cattle feeding. In addition to vitamins for effective liver protection ELBEMax contains specially fermented yeast. The use of this inactivated yeast has been very successful.

During the complex production process, the yeast is exposed to stress situations which synthesize useful metabolic products. These metabolic products provide an ideal culture medium for certain rumen protozoan and bacteria. It displays a clear increase both in the cellulose digesting bacteria as in the lactic acid consuming bacteria in the rumen. This leads to a better utilization of the foodstuff offered, increased feed intake as well as a more balanced rumen ambience. This reduces the danger of a rumen acidosis.

Because of these features, ELBEMax ought to be used in dairy cattle, in steer fattening as in meat and dairy cattle breeding to ensure ideal rumen development.

The effectiveness of the yeast contained in ELBEMax has been confirmed in research on artificial rumen and cows with rumen fistulas in over 90 university studies. On average, all the tests show that a clear increase in performance is achieved.
Apart from the financial benefits, with the use of this yeast the farmer also profits from the advantages for the health and lifetime production of the dairy cows:

  • 2 l extra milk per cow and day in the 134 days postpartum, (3,5 FCM)
  • 0,9 kg more feed intake per cow and day in the first 94 days postpartum
  • 0,27 kg less weight loss per cow and day postpartum