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ELBEProtect is a combination of rumen-protected fats and vitamins for the start of lactation. Especially during this time dairy cows have an increased demand of energy for milk production. At the same time melting body fat reserves is undesirable. Application of rumen-protected fats can solve this problem

Problems at the start of lactation:

  • Risk of ketosis through melting body fat reserves
  • Increased liver load through liver adiposis
  • Feed intake is lower at the start of lactation
  • Increased energy deficiency especially after calving
  • Fat digestion of ruminants is restricted to 3-4 percent of dry matter
  • Higher demand of starch from concentrate diminishes the amount of roughage and therewith the required crude fiber content of the ration

Mode of action of ELBEProtect:

ELBEProtect can prevent metabolism disorders like ketosis and liver adiposis. The effective amount of fat can be improved without lowering digestibility. As rapidly available source of energy ELBEProtect improves the energy concentration of the ration and the energy supply of the dairy cow in case of lower feed intake. Rumen-protected fats don’t cause palatability problems and the recommended fiber content of the ration can be maintained.
Furthermore, the addition of rumen-protected vitamins like nicotinamide and choline positively affects the liver metabolism