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Glycogaine (Sub) Clinical Ketosis Solution

What is the problem?

Deviation of carbohydrate and lipid metabolism associated with significant energy deficit between supply and need. Intense mobilisation of body fat and incomplete utilisation of long chain fatty acids. This results in a build-up of acids called ketones within the blood, urine and milk.

Who is it for?

Cows experiencing a compromised dry or transition period are at higher risk of developing subclinical ketosis or clinical ketosis. It happens in cattle when energy demands exceed energy intake resulting in a negative energy balance. There are five cows that are deemed as “high-risk”. Those are cows that:

  • Either gained or lost body condition during the dry period
  • Were lame at any point in the dry period or transition period, even if the lameness was successfully resolved prior to calving
  • Calved with twins
  • Have a retained placenta
  • Freshened in with milk fever

We are proudly producing Glycogaine as it is one of the top products in Clinical and Subclinical Ketosis prevention. Our special Glucose Precursor mixture boosts blood glucose and lowers Blood Ketone levels. Moreover, the Cobalt is used to energise metabolism and to synthesis methionine and Choline. The Niacin in Glycogaine inhibits lipolysis, reduces circulating fatty acids, NEFA. It also induces flushing (blood flow to skin) which decreases the core body temperature, reducing heat stress in dairy cows. COWS LOVE GLYCOGAINE, the special flavouring of Glycogaine makes cows love the taste.