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Liver Protection and Support

There are several factors, which indicate that liver health is impaired:

Colour: A healthy liver must be of a reddish brown colour. When liver health is compromised, it turns orange or even yellowish. This usually indicates that fat is starting to accumulate.

Consistence: A normal healthy liver must be resistant to pressure. If it is not and even falling apart, that means that something is going wrong.

Size: The average liver does not stand out from the abdomen and has sharp borders. If the borders are starting to be rounded and the size is getting bigger, these are the first symptoms of inflammation.

Other signs, like blood clots or necrotic areas may indicate liver infection: Aflatoxins may produce subcapsular hemorrhagia and we can observe necrotic spots during Salmonella pullorum infection. Metabolic diseases, like fatty hemorrhagic liver syndrome can alter the liver, producing blood clots or even a very hemorrhagic liver.

Different factors can lead to damages and abnormal changes of liver tissue flocks: Disease, malnutrition, toxins and medication.

What is Hepatovit?

Hepatovit is a fast and effective liquid feed supplement or so called product-by-design. Beside its lipotrophic complex, it also contains plants extracts and antioxidative properties. These active substances provide optimal support for the fat metabolism and help to minimise liver damages. The application in the drinking water is advantageous for an easy and flexible usage on farm level guaranteeing an effective liver protection or regeneration of this important organ.


  • Mobilizes liver fat
  • Regulates liver metabolism
  • Prevents liver dysfunction
  • Improves neurotransmission
  • Increases permeability of fatty acids through the mitochondria