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Elbevet stands for its high quality, safety and efficacy. The recognition that animal nutrition has a direct impact not only on animal health but also indirectly through animal products on human health as well as on the planet came to the forefront. Keeping up to date with factors involved in animal nutrition has always been a priority for Elbevet. The past years, new knowledge and scientific research enhanced the effects of nutrition on animal health. The intense EU regulations lead to a severe monitoring and recording of the supply chain, guaranteeing Elbevet’s consistent quality. Our Customers value, trust, and rely on our products, consequently we always deliver superior quality products. To maintain highest quality, quality management represents the utmost importance for Elbevet and runs through the entire production process; from the enhancement of the recipes, the material purchase, the storage of unprocessed goods to the actual production process and finally to the distribution of the goods.
A preventive approach of the production chain using the HACCP concept is used to avoid and minimize eventual hazards in advance. Elbevet’s product quality always comes to the forefront.