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Gut Health


  • Treatment of acidosis in the rumen
  • Greatly enhances gut health with high quality Saccharomyces cerevisiae and MOS
  • Perfect treatment of acid indigestion
  • Generates appetite, hence feed intake
  • Provides animal with the daily standard ration
    of minerals and trace elements


In 320g Sachets:

Cows and Camels: 1 sachet suspended in water within 24 hours

Sheep and Goats: ¼ of a sachet

Energy Booster, Milk Yield,
and Performance


  • Increases blood glucose
  • Massively lowers blood ketone bodies
  • Increases milk yield by 10%
  • Reduces circulating NEFA


For Cows:
1-3 weeks before calving: 350g/cow/day
1-5 weeks after calving: 350g/cow/day
5-10 weeks after calving: 150g/cow/day

For Dairy Sheep: 60g/dairy sheep/day

Liver Support and Protection


  • Liver protection and vitality
  • Prevention of hemorrhagic fatty liver
  • Support of fat metabolism
  • Boosts performance


Poultry: 0.75ml – 1ml per 1 Litre of
drinking water, for 4 days

Calves: 3 ml – 5 ml per animal/day for 5 days

Large animals: : 6-10 ml per animal/day for 5 days