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The Liver Protector

Poultry’s liver and kidneys are affected from a variety of reasons ranging from: antibiotics, vaccination, diseases, poor management, and poor-quality feed. A major dilemma that affects the liver and kidneys are mycotoxins. If mycotoxins are ingested by the animal, they will most definitely invade their primary target, the liver. Since they pass through that organ for detoxification.

Therefore, Elbevet developed Elbe Liquid bond Plus as a potent solution to protect the liver and the kidneys against the mentioned reasons, as well as mycotoxins.

Elbe Liquid Bond Plus acid components:

The synergetic effects between the acids reduces the digesta-pH

Lowering the pH: Antimicrobial effect

  • Reduction in subclinical infections
  • Improve nutrient digestibility
  • Reduction in nutrient demand by the gut-associated immune system

Elbe Liquid Bond Plus powerful plant extracts:


  • Liver Cleanser
  • Anti-oxidant effect
  • Sequesters Free-Radicals
  • Supports Regeneration
  • Improve productive performance and health status


  • Anti-oxidant effects on the liver and kidney
  • Choleretic effect (stimulation of Bile secretion)
  • Used historically in the treatment of Jaundice